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Monday, June 22, 2015

Smart students.... 2015

Students who wanted their photos to be in my blog.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

An interesting quote:
 " We become teachers for reasons of the heart. But many of us lose heart as time goes by.
 How can we take heart, alone and together, so we can give heart to our students and our world?" - Parker Palmer

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Hi, we are smart students of 3EP1. We think we are smarter than 3... There are 18 friendly girls and 19 cute active awesome boys.
Our monitor is hardworking and helpful. Many girls like to be his friend. Sometimes, he is angry with his classmates because they are naughty and playful. He has been our monitor for three years. Next year, he retires. He is tired.
Our assistant monitor is beautiful and kind-hearted. Do you want to be her friend? She likes to sing. Sometimes, she eats in class. Don't follow her.
Our classmates are cheerful and diligent. The boys like football whereas the girls like indoor games such as Five Stones. They are talkative. 

3KE1- APRIL 2012

There are 17 clever girls and 19 active, handsome boys. The girls like to sing and gossip. They talk to each from the first period to the last. They continue talking the next day. They have many things to talk about.

The boys have nothing to talk. But they play a lot. They play with 'Airasia', that is paper plane. They are active in sports. They are crazy about football. Some are MU fans, others are Malaysia Harimau Malaya. Their classmate, Bee Wei is playful. He likes to walk round the school like a policeman. He said that many girls liked him. Do you believe him?

Another active classmate is ....

This class 3KE1 is 'sporting', friendly and cheerful.
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Friday, August 19, 2011


A group of us was asked by an educationalist on what we understood by the term 'education'. What is education to you personally? Don't quote what the experts say. Each of us was asked to say something about education. We made a few statements. Some were profound, others were familiar.

Our statements about education:
'Education is a life long process, it involves the whole person'
'Education is acquiring new knowledge and skills'
'Education is about change'
'It is not about passing exams, nor is it about getting good scores. It is empowering students to make wise choices in life'
'Education in our schools is all about completing the textbooks, teaching the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmatic (3R's)'

Interesting statements.

Education is indeed a life long process. We do not stop learning. If you choose to stop learning, you have decided to stop living. You become like a 'dead man' walking. That's why I am still attending a course on how to educate others at 56 years old. You choose and you decide whether you want to learn.

Next, education enables you to acquire new knowledge and skills. With new knowledge and the ability to perform new tasks, you become better as a person in school, at home or at your workplace.

-to be continued

Saturday, August 21, 2010

smk tsk 3kp1 2010

Hi. Students of 3kp1 went to the access room'. They were very happy. Someone said - thwey were crazy. wHY?
Because they have never used the internet in school. Now, they enjoy logging on. They wished they could use the internet everyday.
But- use it for purpose???? Read facebook? Play Games? View photos? Listen to music? View the whole world? Good.
Sorry - no time for them to do that.
Why? They asked. Too much studying and teaching. They are tired and bored. So, please -let them use the internet everyday. Yeah. Good idea?????
So many questions but so few answers.